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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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in support one day after he a and his wife were charged in a scheme to use it campaign donations for personal purchases >> good evening >> tonight's top story... >> we love our brother very much... the show of family support from outside rainbow push headquarters.. as santita and jonathan jackson spoke briefly
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about their brother jessie junior.. jonathon jackson/jesse jackson jr. brother the gravity has affected our family and we felt the impact of so many peoples prayers and were appreciative of everyone whos kept us in their prayers well keep them in ours as well the former second district congressman is charged with using campaign funds for personal items including furs... a 46-hundred dollar fedora once owned by michael jackson and a 5-thousand dollar football signed by two u-s presidents. he faces up to five years in prison and a 250-thousand dollar fine... his wife, former chicago alderman sandi jackson, who resigned last month, also faces prison time and fines... accused of understating the couples income on their tax returns for six years. the patriarch of the family, reverand jesse jackson, is in
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washington d-c this weekend to be with his son, who the family says is still undergoing medical care. jesse junior took leave from his congressional duties starting in june. while at first keeping tight lipped about the reason... doctors finally said it was for bipolar disorder. he resigned from congress just weeks after re-election in november, under a cloud of an ethics investigation... people remember all the great work that my brother has done... the jackson family, long a powerhouse in chicago and national politics... now says it will rally around jesse junior... who many saw, at one point, as a rising star in the democratic party. and as my brother jonathan said we will stand with him until the end of time >> attorneys for the jackson's
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indicated the couple will plead guilty >> a light plane made an emergency landing in a field north of morris late this afternoon -- touching down just off route 47 -- after an engine failure. the plane -- a bellanca viking -- is registered to patrick rhodes of colorado springs. the plane had arrived at washburn airport in morris, yesterday. the off-airport landing resulted in damage to the aircraft -- but all three passengers reportedly walked away without injury. the national transportation safety board will be on-site to investigate the cause of the unscheduled landing. a disturbing development in grundy county... some residents there report getting flyers promoting the activites of the ku klux klan. wgn's dan ponce reports. the flyers a started popping up over the last week... they do not know why they are targeting this small town
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>> 'wake up white america' is the title... thrown on the lawns... >> it was surprising to see that this would show up in a small community >> they discovered the letters a few days ago >> we're not interested in >> >> they have heard about the
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letters in nearby towns as well >> it does not really surprise me >> it refers to a phone number and a website... >> a post midnight memorial service is planned to mark the 10th anniversary of the nightclub tragedy. 21 people died in a crush of humanity a decade ago after fights broke out in and pepper spray was used by security guards. people were smothered or crushed to death. a carpenter wants to bring closure with eight final service early tomorrow morning >> we had the most horrific
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thing happened here... here... and this is peoplinnocent people >> he places the blame for the tragedy on the inward opening doors to the club >> a shooting in the little village neighborhood earlier this evening has claimed the life of one man and injured another. the two unidentified men were sitting in a car at around 6:00 this evening. that is when another vehicle pulled up alongside with someone opening fire. one man was shot in the headed the other in the arm. police are still looking
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for suspects >> a chicago police officer shot and wounded a man and humboldt park this morning. police say the 23 year-old man was involved in a drug deal. when police spotted him he ran away. as officers followed and tried to arrest him they say the man jumped into a van and tried to escape. >> the officer yelled stop >> an officer was slightly injured in the scuffle and taken to the hospital. the suspects injuries are considered non life-threatening >> chicago police were responding to the sounds of gunfire when they found a woman lying on the pavement. she was
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bleeding from gunshot wounds to her upper body. the unidentified woman has died and three others were shot in the space of an odd hour and 25 minutes on chicago's south and west sides. the woman was killed in the humboldt park neighborhood. six people were shot between friday afternoon and saturday morning >> an off duty chicago police officer is killed in a crash overnight. next, a witness describes what happened just moments before impact. parents of chicago public school students are voicing thier concerns about the recently released school closings list. and later, a very unusual site in the skies above san francisco. the cold air will loosen it's grip... it may bring rain
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this morning when her suv rolled over on the chicago skyway. her family says she was on her way to celebrate a new position with the department >> she was killed following a single vehicle crash just after 1030 friday night >> he was driving home when he noticed her at a high rate of speed... >> she hit the wall and rolled
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over >> her car slid about 100 ft. >> he called 911 and she was pronounced dead >> and in chicago's cragin neighborhood on the northwest side early this morning... a car ran into several pedestrians on the street... killing one of them.
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38-year old mario ortega died. he was crossing central avenue near belmont with three women around one o'clock this morning... when the car hit them and sped-away. two of the women suffered head trauma. police arrested a still unidentified 35-year old man for driving on a suspended license. other charges now pending. parents of chicago public school students had more opportunities this week to voice their concerns over proposed to school closings. they held the second round of community meetings including this one today on the north side. the district faces a $1 billion deficit next fiscal year and wants to close schools and considers underutilized >> i am here to support the cause to keep our school open
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>> they say nearly 140 schools across the city are more than half empty >> now that the passengers are home, what's next? still to come, lawsuits are already being filed in the ill fated carnival cruise. first russia, now san francisco. a meteor is spotted in the skies in california. and later, why catholic leaders may move up the planned start of the papal conclave. break this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153 which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not.
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aboard the stranded ocean liner triumph. more than 4000 people spent five days stuck when power went out on the ship >> a tearful reunion... 5 days stranded at sea... >> it has been rough... >> carnival cruise lines is facing a new ordeal... a texas
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woman it filed a lawsuit on friday... the nine page completeaint... >> the law provides the cruise lines can be liable... >> some of the passengers are looking at the silver lining... >> the crew was outstanding... very accommodating. along with the other passengers >> carnival is willing to give each passenger $500. also
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offering credit for another crews >>uise >> first an asteroid passed close to earth... then a meteor exploded over russia... and last night... a fireball seen by many in the san francisco bay area. the american meteor society in new york says based on reports it receeived... it was a sporadic meteor or fireball in the upper right of the screen... not considered to be a major event. the society said fireballs happen every night of the year... somewhere around the world. it thrilled those who witnessed it. it looked like a flash of lightning. it was quick >> it was crazy >> bay area residents and an
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almost 200 mi. span reported seeing a fireball >> the meteor everyone around the world is still talking about is the one in russia yesterday. 1000 people were injured. it was estimated to be 30 times the force of the atomic bomb >> a long dormant project in downtown chicago is gearing up again. next, construction resumes at a wacker drive location. plus, a look at how the country's national parks would be affected if mandatory spending cuts go into effect in
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march. and later, mike tyson gets some help from an unlikely ally during a chicago visit. live illinois lottery drawing... pick 3... 9 8 2
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5 major construction is under way again in downtown chicago. a regionally intended to be the 90 floor hotel in a luxury condos construction. was halted with the economic downturn in 2008.
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now home to a 60 story luxury rental apartment building... >> construction will move into high gear over the next 30 days. the building is expected to be completed in the summer of next year >> with tax preparation season in full swing and the governor had some advice and encouragement today. a free tax preparation clinic was held today. the governor showed up to urge working families to take advantage of the state's current income tax credit. the credit provides targeted tax relief for workers in and supports economic growth >> this is really important for
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the consumers of illinois >> the center for economic progress recruited volunteers to help low-income families and individuals to file their tax returns. the program runs through april 15th >> in the weekly internet and radio addresses today president obama turned to this week's state of the union remarks he delivered while the republicans did the same saying they have better ideas. the president outlined the proposals he argued on tuesday. he stood by his claim that the initiatives would not increase the federal deficit >> they will help our businesses to expand and create new jobs.
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>> like to redesign the high- schoolalso on education the president said taxpayers cannot continue to subsidize the soaring cost of higher education. republican congresswoman of alabama plane to the president for the across- the-board spending cuts that are coming on march 1st >> he admitted that these cuts were a really bad idea. >> the political rhetoric will get somewhat of a break this coming week as lawmakers will be out of town on recess.
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rain, ended as snow. a winter
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weather advisory is in affect for the central part of the state until early sunday morning. >> wind chill advisory for south florida... >> what a day! a lot of cloud cover... some snow squalls... clear skies tonight. temps
9:33 pm
dropping. high temp today was 20 degrees. rain to start the woork rk week. temps are in the teens now. wind chill values... wind gusts forecast
9:34 pm
sunday into monday. .. humidity... visibility not a problem at the moment... still snowing on the other side of lake michigan... look at this.. east caoast... primarily rain for us...
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tonight... clear skies... quite cold... sunday morning sunshine... winds picking up... cold. sunday ngiht.ight... monday... periods of rain... temps in the 40s. >> we could have a new pope sooner than we first thought. next, why the vatican is considering moving up the
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the process to select a new pope may begin sooner than expected. a vatican spokesman said a conclave -- the meeting of cardinals -- could happen even earlier than march 15th. a vatican spokesman says they're looking into whether they can start the conclave earlier than 2 weeks after the end of the pope's term because he's resigning. church leaders want to have a new pope in place before easter, and if they wait until march 15, they will have a very small window of time to elect a pope and get all of the cardinals back home for the holiday. iceland already bans pornography -- but now is after ways to outlaw internet porn. the nordic nation calls explicit online images -- a threat to children. government okfficials say there's a growing concensus supporting a ban that crosses political lines. two years ago -- strip clubs were outlawed in iceland -- on the grounds they violate the rights of women who work in them. if successful in banning porn -- iceland would become the
9:40 pm
first western democracy to do so. on march 1st across-the-board automatic spending cuts are slated to begin. unless congress acts to prevent the cuts it'll be the beginning of 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts over the next 10 years. >> how many parks have you been to? >> over 200... >> there is nothing like the national park service >> it may do so with less
9:41 pm
because of mandatory budget cuts >> he works for a nonprofit group... and he is worried about looming changes >> it is a lot for the park service's >> it could mean it shorter park hours... >> it would be very damaging to parks >> yellowstone national park could lose $1.75 million >> i think almost any organization can sustain a 5 percent cut in not having interfere with their basic mission >> i am a big national park
9:42 pm
service fan... >> 280 million people visit the park system every year.... >> an incredible display of art in north korea. next, why thousands got together to make this happen. and later, they once faced off in the ring, now two famous boxers are on the same side. nexium, the purple pill, helps provide many with day and night relief of heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disea.. there is risk of bone fracture and
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take a look at this amazing spectalce. it's a two and a half hour performance that happens every year in north korea. 150-thousand chldren take part to create this human art form the largest human mosaic in the world... according to the guinness book of records. the performance is always in honor of north korea's ruling elite...and tells their stories. it's estimated that it takes the performers 250 million hours of rehearsals to create the what you're seeing. life is back to normal for a dolphin in the pacific ocean near san diego... after it was freed from entangled fishing lines. a kayaker spotted the dolphin in trouble and called authorities. officials from sea world and nearby lifeguards rushed to the dolphin and recorded the rescue on a cellphone. its dorsal and pectoral fins
9:47 pm
were caught-up in high-strength fishing lines... making it almost impossible for the dolphin to swim. it's estimated the mammal was about two to four years of age. officials believe the dolphin would have died if not freed... and is now expected to be okay. a chilly week ahead... >> cool day tomorrow... right now 14 degrees. florida... frost and freeze advisory's... north
9:48 pm
east... gusty winds... chicago area... 27 high tomorrow... 43 on monday... 25 tuesday... watching a system on thursday and friday... there were only smiles and handshakes today... when mike tyson and evander holyfield met in chicago. the two former boxing greats were in town to help promote an event sponsored by jewel osco as part of black history month. holyfield sells a barbaque sauce called "real deal" that jewel carries. customers were able to sample a lot of products... but the main attraction was of course the two former heavyweight champs.
9:49 pm
it was 16 years ago that tyson shocked the boxing world when he bit off part of holyfield's ear. tyson apologized some years later, and holyfield said he forgave him >> baseball fans are all ears as spring training continues in arizona. up next, dan roan has a full report from sox camp. and plenty of fun at the nba all star weekend. rich king has the highlights, next in sports. break
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9:53 pm
it is something really special to us. we look up to them. they are the real heroes. >> it is inspirational... >> it is special for us >> baseball now....the cubs second annual bunting playoffs began today in mesa......things pretty quiet a week before the cubs take on the angels in their first game in the cactus league. at white sox camp...newly engaged gordon beckham is hopeful he can finally have that big year with the bat..gordan's best year so far was his first...when he hit 270 in 2009... dan roan has more from sox camp....
9:54 pm
he is still waiting for the breakout season at the plate... >> i think it will happen... i'm going to show up and play >> all of the white sox went into the off-season disappointed... >> when you try harder you produce less... >> when you let go a little bit it works out. we wanted it too much.
9:55 pm
>> he sees the pitching as the strength of the team. >> jerald green...the defending champ...gets things going in the nba slam dunk contest on all star weekend..he got a full 50 points for this one..the action still going houston... earlier...the winner of the three point shootout was kyrie irving of the cavaliers... and damian lillard of portland won the skills competition...the all star game takes place tomorrow it was all smiles for the cheerleaders in providence, rhode island... notre dame was in trouble early ....zach august makes a nice hustle play to get the rejection and then they come back down the court for a jam by cameron beedshied.. one of the few bright spots for mike brey the irish shot only 39 percent....the big center for the friars...lee goldsbro with a three even he could not belive...providence began to pull the 2nd half.. bryce cotton gets the jam to seal the game...providence
9:56 pm
upsets 21st ranked notre dame...71-54...the irish now 8- 5 in the big east...20-6 overall. oliver purnell and depaul looking to snap a 9 game skid....facing rutgers at all state arena...the blue demons on the fast break and brandon young makes the acrobatic lay up..depaul led by as many as ten.. but once again gave it all back in the stretch....miles mack scored 16 in a row for the scarlet knights...he drives in here for a lay up..rutgers ked by two.. but depaul able to come back in the final two a mack miss...worrell clahar gets in and he will just take it to the hoop by himself..he also gets the foul..depaul wins...75-69... they are now 2 and 10 in the big east. loyola horing the 63 champs years ago now...hard to believe... the ramblers led uic by seven before...daniel barnes nails a cut the lead to 4.. later..the flames block and three but the ball goes right into the arms of christian thomas and he scores on the layup...he had 23...the
9:57 pm
ramblers win...69-60. the wolves paying tribute to former gm kevin sheveldayoff before meeting lake erie....the wolves on the attack in the 2nd period and they will score on a re-direct by bill sweat.... the wolves had a 2-1 lead....its now in the final period...wolves leading 3-1.. bill haas has lead after three rounds of the northern trust open... >> and that is the news for this saturday night... >> the queue for watchinhank you for watching... good ngiht ight
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end wi
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